Writing for the Web and why it isn’t about “us”…

Tweet Does this sound familiar? Your prospect arrives at your office and, after the greetings, the introductions and possibly a little bit of small talk, you quickly get down to business. But what’s your opening salvo? Do you launch straight into a potted history of your business, your product lines, a summary of your services [...]

10 things you need to do for search success

Only by delivering a steady stream of good quality enquiries that convert browsers into customers can search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns be described as successful.

Is your domain name driving traffic to your site?

Tweet Your company’s domain name can be a strange bedfellow. We all need at least one registered domain name to establish and showcase our little piece of real estate in cyberspace. But domain names are more than just a certificate of ownership. Search engines allocate a relatively significant amount of weight to your domain name [...]

5 link building tips for busy people

As the power and influence of the Internet continues to shape how we all do business, getting a top ranking for your website continues to be the ‘Holy Grail’ for many companies – large and small.

Is there life in the old blog yet?

Tweet The Internet is still growing at a jaw-dropping pace. The number of published websites have increased massively in the last decade with conservative estimates now putting the figure well in excess of 200,000,000 (200m) sites. For a commercial organisation, this will almost certainly mean increased competition. So today, a web presence alone may not [...]

Put the kettle on and get set for a strong dose of Caffeine

Put the kettle on and get set for a strong dose of Caffeine

Tweet With many months already spent at the development stage, Google is set to release the latest and possibly one of its most influential updates to the world’s most popular search engine so far. Code-name Caffeine, there is much speculation as to what impact this next-generation architecture will have on the online community, especially those [...]

The family of search. Who’s related to who?

The family of search. Who’s related to who?

Tweet Just like real ‘families’, search engines have relationships too. At the very heart of the worldwide search community lies the principal search agents – Google and Yahoo! who between them provide the bulk of all primary on-line search. Information they harvest is supplied to various on-line search portals in the form of either organic [...]

Izzy wizzy the big G’s busy

Tweet There seems to be no bounds to the new or enhanced tools that continue to flow from the virtual production line at the Googleplex, the corporate headquarters of Google Inc., Mountain View, California. With a near monopoly on the UK search market, it’s worth asking what’s actually new and how much value does this [...]

RIP keywords meta-tag

Tweet Website owners and content providers who regularly get ‘under the bonnet’ of their website may well be familiar with the following script: <meta name=”keywords” content=”your,chosen,keywords,here” /> Well, the news is… forget it! At least as far as Google is concerned. To those of us who optimise websites on a regular basis, this should come [...]

5 common sense tips for marketing in a changing climate

In the current economic climate. where the vast majority of businesses are feeling the pinch one way or another, waiting for customers to beat a path to your door is a surefire way to watch viagra generika apotheke deutschland than a penny in a wishing-well.

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