Paper view. Is charging for news content the way forward?

Pressing times ahead for the traditional newspaper format.

There was a certain inevitability about the announcement that, from June, News International (NI) will start charging for access to The Times and Sunday Times newspapers.

But has this decision been made out of sheer commercial necessity and would you pay for your daily news?

10 things you need to do for search success

Only by delivering a steady stream of good quality enquiries that convert browsers into customers can search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns be described as successful.

Why going digital isn’t always so seamless

Tweet There is no escaping the clutches of digital media within today’s society. It’s both changed and shaped the way we interact on a daily basis. Over the years we’ve seen products significantly change and adapt in order to compete in today’s consumer market. Companies such as Apple are pioneers in this field offering innovative [...]

5 link building tips for busy people

As the power and influence of the Internet continues to shape how we all do business, getting a top ranking for your website continues to be the ‘Holy Grail’ for many companies – large and small.

Put the kettle on and get set for a strong dose of Caffeine

Put the kettle on and get set for a strong dose of Caffeine

Tweet With many months already spent at the development stage, Google is set to release the latest and possibly one of its most influential updates to the world’s most popular search engine so far. Code-name Caffeine, there is much speculation as to what impact this next-generation architecture will have on the online community, especially those [...]

The family of search. Who’s related to who?

The family of search. Who’s related to who?

Tweet Just like real ‘families’, search engines have relationships too. At the very heart of the worldwide search community lies the principal search agents – Google and Yahoo! who between them provide the bulk of all primary on-line search. Information they harvest is supplied to various on-line search portals in the form of either organic [...]

It’s all about me

It’s all about me

Tweet Being an openly self-obsessed female in today’s generation, I recently booked myself into a boudoir photography photoshoot with I came away with a rosy glow but at a loss as to what I could possibly do with the naked/semi naked photos of myself? “I have to do something with them” I told myself, [...]

RIP keywords meta-tag

Tweet Website owners and content providers who regularly get ‘under the bonnet’ of their website may well be familiar with the following script: <meta name=”keywords” content=”your,chosen,keywords,here” /> Well, the news is… forget it! At least as far as Google is concerned. To those of us who optimise websites on a regular basis, this should come [...]

Google marches on… now with a new O/S?

Google Chrome Logo

Tweet After the release of the Google Chrome browser last year the company has just announced a new operating system, Google Chrome OS, which they describe as “a natural extension of the Chrome project”. The emergence of this new operating system will be aimed initially at small, low-cost netbooks, but will likely rolled out for [...]



Tweet Is iPhone art, mobile art, finger art (call it what you like) establishing itself as a genre in its own right? That would seem to be the case with an increasing number of artists springing up all over the place using the Apple iPhone as their ‘electronic’ canvas. Many of the pictures have been [...]

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    Tweet We’ve had some lovely print projects pass through the studio recently. Rather than killing you softly with a case study on each one, we thought we’d collate a few pictures together and show you what we’ve been up to. As those of you that know us are aware, we have a very diverse client [...]

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  • Yummy Mummy

    Tweet Today we say a temporary farewell to Lisa, who is going on maternity leave to have her first baby. All of us at the Escape wish both Lisa and Graeme lots and lots of happiness for the future. It’s an exciting journey you are both about to go on with tears and laughter, up [...]

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  • We'll have a new 'home sweet home' from Friday 8 March

    Tweet We’re on the move!… and we’re moving Friday 8 March. Its very exciting. We’ve boxed up our crayons and Etch A Sketches and we’re heading off to our new home, a lovely old farmhouse (with beams, fireplaces and a garden – no cows or goats though) in Hatch Warren, the other side of Basingstoke [...]

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  • New website for Cards for Good Causes

    Tweet December was a busy time for one of our new clients, the lovely ‘Cards for Good Causes’, who are the UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organisation. They sell beautiful Christmas cards for around 300 charities in their nationwide network of pop-up charity Christmas card shops and (this is where we come in) for 34 charities on their [...]

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  • Bath's gone green!

    Tweet We’ve been working with our lovely clients at First, helping them to promote their Park & Ride service in Bath, which has just been re-vamped with the launch of some exciting new hybrid buses.  If you’d like a reminder of the background to this project, you can read about that here. Not only can [...]

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