Much appreciated!

where to buy viagra online in ukSometimes the simplest of gestures are the ones that mean the most. Like holding open a door open for someone, offering a seat on the train if a person are more worthy of it than you, and of course one of the easiest, yet so often forgotten… saying thank you.

Our friends at viagra side effects for heart patients have manners and gratitude in abundance, and that’s (just one of the reasons) why we like working with them so much. They ‘really’ appreciate the help we give them.

And they never forget to say thank you. We’ve been lucky enough to have received a number of thank you’s from them over the past couple of years, so we thought it was time we shared one with you. Here’s a letter from Claire Pulford, Head of Events, thanking us for our creative support of the Welsh Fashion Show fundraiser.

Thanks so much Claire, your appreciation is… well… very much appreciated!

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