New stuff: Wall Street Systems ACI World Congress exhibition stand

We’ve had our PVA and cardboard out again. And this time it’s been for Wall Street Systems.

This is our third year at the ACI World Congress with Wallstreet and as this is the 50th and biggest ACI to date, we thought it was about time we shared with you what we’ve been up to.

This years challenge was yet another custom build, to fit in the 6x4m spot we’d picked out. It was an ace spot actually, nestled perfectly between a private meeting room on one side and an open space on another. This provided great visibility for the stand amongst all the usual hustle and bustle of the show… a little piece of tranquility that ensured we really stood out from the crowd (basically because we were nowhere near them!).

This years approach was no different to other years. We took care of the design, build and stand management. Literally everything from the ferry to the flowers was orchestrated from Escape towers.

But enough about us, what of the stand?

There are pictures below but to give you an insight in words… our 6×4 space was designed for maximum brand impact. High level brand identities were used to make sure no-one was in doubt who’s stand it was. The brand colours of white and the two blues were used to great effect to differentiate the back wall (with hidden storage cupboard) and the canopy over the meeting area. The meeting area was open on both sides so the stand had complete visibility, but enough privacy from the glass and panel at the front to ensure a conversation could be had without a ‘stroller’ inadvertently interrupting something important.

High level flood lighting lit up the main floor space while 8 spot down-lighters made sure meetings were never held in darkness. The front desk meant there was always some seating and somewhere to ‘perch’ if you fancied joining Wallstreet for a drink. This glass topped counter also cleverly hid the fridge built into the cabinet behind that was keeping the vino and water chilled. The walnut wood laminate ‘ramp-raised’ floor added that little something special to the stand so it didn’t feel like you were simply walking on ‘off the show floor’.

The back wall held a 42″ wall-mounted LCD screen that had a video called ‘never miss a beat’ looping. It basically shows a drummer doing his thing, but refers to the Wallstreet brand/product values of being prepared, focused, co-ordinated, empowered and precise. Take a look at it here if you like. Its very cool.

To round it all off and to tie in to the video, the stand giveaway was a set of drumsticks, branded and wrapped accordingly. Not content with an innovative (and very cool) giveaway, there was a data-capture competition offering the opportunity to win an iPad2… too!

Any way, that’s enough wordy waffle. Here’s some images Rob ‘snapped’ that will give you a better impression of what we did. Don’t worry though, we’ve censored out the ones of Rob out on the town in Budapest… (and yes, we can hear your sighs of relief from here!)


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