Green Printing Part III – FSC Paper Types

Here we go then. We know we want FSC approved stock and we’ve chosen to use vegetable inks but how green do we need that stock to be?

There are actually three types of FSC certified paper:

  1. There’s 100% FSC which is paper made by a certified mill.
  2. Then there is FSC Recycled. This must be made from 100% post-consumer waste and made by a certified mill.
  3. And finally there is FSC Mixed Sources. This one must have at least 50% of the virgin fibre coming from FSC certified forests and the remaining percentage has to be from a controlled source.

At this point I’ll share with you what a controlled source is not:

  • Harvested wood from forests that are being converted to plantations or other non-forest use.
  • Wood that is illegally harvested.
  • Genetically modified organisms.
  • From an area where high conservation values are threatened.
  • Where there is or has been violation of peoples’ civil (and traditional) rights to harvest the wood.

So there you have it and if you want samples of any of these types of paper, you know where I am.

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